History of the Hutong

History of the Hutong (Walk)

-What is all the fuzz about?

gateFollow Beijing Postcards into the curved Hutong alleyways around the Drum and Bell Towers of Beijing. Listen to stories of opium dens and vast mansions of former officials. Gain a profound understanding of old Beijing during a fun and interesting afternoon.

Along the way we will discover lanes so narrow that not even the tricycle rickshaws will be able to reach us. We will hear about the incredible transformation of this area from high society dwellings, over workers accommodation, to the peculiar mixture of generals, workers, romantic foreign fools and politicians residing in the area today.

What will happen to this area in the future? Is preservation a real option or will this area, in the very heart of Beijing, have to cave in to developers.

After two hours in the Hutong you will be left with lots to ponder about, with a drink in one hand and some snacks in the other.