"Beijing on the Move"

Beijing on the Move


__smallDuring the last hundred years, the city of Beijing has transformed itself. It is as if the demolition of the city wall has unleashed development of a nearly unprecedented scale.


"Beijing on the Move" is the story of this transformation. It is the story of how development caught up with the old Qing capital and how the city gradually broke down the walls of its confinement and took over the whole of the Huabei plain. It describes how every gate in the old city wall had its own purpose: a gate for water, coal, alcohol, for soldiers marching in to war, and one for excrements. It's the story of how the walls and gates were gradually torn down and opening up the city for the ever increasing traffic, and how twisting donkey drawn carts and long lazy camel caravans and wheelbarrows were overtaken by rickshaws and tramways, before they in turn were surpassed by automobiles, metro lines and bullet trains forever changing the layout of the imperial capital of the Ming and Qing dynasties.