A Scavenger Hunt inside the Forbidden City

The Emperor's Dream,  An Imperial Challenge

A Scavenger Hunt inside the Forbidden City

You are summoned to the court. The emperor have had a dream. In his majesties sleep a crane appeared before him with a message from the spirit world. In its beak the crane held a scroll. It was a painting of hundreds of scholars attending the Imperial palace. Most of the scholars wore the traditional blue ropes of Imperial officials, but a few were highlighted painted in golden yellow. This little band of altogether 6 scholars stood elevated above the others on the coal hill behind the palace in jubilation. Learned people worked night and day trying to understand the emperors vision. Astronomers scrutinized the stars and the female shamans of the innermost chambers danced till dawn. Finally it was concluded that the Emperors dream meant that a select number of officials should be chosen from the lot through a contest in order to man a council of excellence. That is why you are here. A test has been prepared. You will have to prove yourself as a scholar and a gentleman. Tasks of Wisdom and virture will have to be completed. You have the geng of the rat and rooster to finish the task. Find your answers and deliver them at the Coal Hill. Don’t be late and don’t take lightly on your mission. Only a few of you will make it.
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Event Properties

Event date: 11-03-2019 12:30 下午
Event End Date: 11-03-2019 04:30 下午
Capacity 50
Individual Price ¥300.00
Location To be confirmed