Youth guards secures the old Temple of Heaven, sharpshooters shoot down escaping Sparrows

From the Archives (Beijing Daily, April 20,1958):

shooting sparrow Translation of the article:

 Youth guards secures the old Temple of Heaven,  sharpshooters shoot down escaping Sparrows

 The old Temple of Heaven was yesterday shaked by  thunderous blasts in the dawn. Soldiers, workers and  commune members waved flags made of old worn-out clothes,  colorful silks and scarf’s, yelling and beating drums; banging  and firing off double bang fire-crackers, that one by one would  explode and create havoc in the sky. Where ever Sparrows  went shattering blasts would follow, not allowing them one  moment of peace.

 Some Sparrows flew high in the sky trying to escape beyond  the outer wall of the premises, but outside 8000 youth guards  were already in place. The youth guards yelled and scared the  wits out of the sparrows and some fell headfirst in to the  moat.

 Many sparrows just could not find any escape route, but flew  to and from their normal resting place at the South wall of the  inner complex, where the sacred herd* used to grass, but  here 30 first grade and second grade sharpshooters from the  police force were waiting. The eyes and movements of the  sharpshooters were quick and able, with every gun shot fired  several sparrows fell to the ground.

 He Shizhang killed three sparrows with one shot, Zhang  Shuwu also killed 6 sparrows in three shots. Within the four  hours of fighting in the morning these 30 warriors killed more than 110 sparrows. Shi Jinke shot the most.  He altogether shot 16 sparrows. Yesterday altogether 966 sparrows were killed, of these 40 percent died  of exhaustion

 *the animals of the sacred herd were used as offerings at the ritual ceremonies that took place at Temple  of Heaven during the dynasties