“The Call of China”

“The Call of China” – The lives of Foreign Missionaries in Manchuria 1893-1960

191520Aagaard20PoulsenTwo months of travelling to reach a radically different culture. An impossible foreign language and unknown diseases. Invasions, civil wars and at times not too friendly local population. These were the conditions faced by a small group of Danes who felt they had received a calling to come to China. They left with big dreams: they wanted to convert 400 million Chinese.

The story of the Danish missionaries' lives and work in North-East China (Manchuria) in the first half of the twentieth century is an insight into a small part of foreign history in a little corner of China. A story unknown to most people today. It was a small group of people with incredible drive during a time when both China and the rest of the world were going through colossal changes.

Based on the book: "The Call of China – The Lives and Times of Danish Missionaries in Manchuria 1893-1960"

Talk by Simon Rom Gjeroe