City of Segregation

Did you know that Beijing was once a deeply segregated city? People from the South of town could not freely marry people from the Northern part. This did not change till 1902.

Beijing during the Qing dynasty was a city under occupation. Around the palace lived the Imperial clan and the soldiers of the 8 banners, and below them the Chinese civilians. These two societies were divided both by law and physically by Walls and gates.

The reason for this was that the rulers were afraid of losing their ethnic identity. Because the Qing rulers all belonged to a conglomeration of tribes called the Manchu’s. These were people of the plains that culturally were very different from the Han-Chinese. The women of the Manchu’s for instance did not bind their feet and rode horses. Culturally the Manchu’s felt a much closer bund to the Mongolian’s. But despite their vigorous efforts the virtues of nomadic living eventually proved difficult to preserve…

“City of Segregation” is the story of how the Manchu’s occupied the Capital of Beijing for an impressive almost 280 years, how they changed the city and still strongly helped influence our notion of “old Beijing” today. Very likely the ancestors, of your small talking bird-raising Beijing neighbor, originally belonged to a whiplashing nomadic people of the plains.

Date: September 18

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