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In English:

"Raise the red lantern"

The Sydney Morning Herald


"Dane makes history of Beijing his life's work"

South China Morning Post 

August 2012

"Mujeres solteras, una obsesión para Pekín" (Spanish) (Simon from Beijing Postcards being interviewed on China's shengnü)

La Nacion (Argentina)

July 2012

"Young, free and shengnu: China's Bridget Joneses" (Simon from Beijing Postcards being interviewed on China's shengnü)

The Telegraph

June 2012

"Postcards from Old Beijing"

Lianxi WAB Online Newsletter

"Weekend Plans in Beijing: Beijing Postcards"

The Wall Street Journal

"From the ends of the Great Wall to the old hutongs of Beijing"

AM774 Radio by Bruce Connelly

April 2012

"Beijing Postcards Boxer Rebellion Walking Tour: Under Siege"

China Radio International (Video)

AM774 Radio by Bruce Connelly, quiz show using interview with Simon Gjeroe

"Danish" Postcards from Beijing

ScandAsia January 2012

This is China! Blog

November 2011

"When Warlords were Cool" /Hotpot Podcast

AM774 Radio several interviews with Beijing Postcards by Bruce Connelly.

October - November 2011

Listen here

Global Times

November 14, 2011

"Seeing red in Beijing"

China Daily

November 1, 2011

"Danish Companies thriving in China"

China Radio International English

October 26, 2011

"100 years old Postcards worth of Beijing"

China Daily European Edition

September 16, 2011

"Beijing on the Move shows changing city"

Beijing Kids

September 12, 2011

"Little Explorers"

Beijing Today

September 9, 2011

Front page "Beijing on the Move" plus full page on page 8

The Guardian

"Beijing to Shanghai: a train for two cities"

July 1st, 2011

Beijing Today

"Learning about Old Beijing over whiskey"

May 27th, 2011

Mad for Beijing

Download article as pdf (150kb)


China Radio International (CRI) (Video)

February 28th, 2011

"Simon: Exploring Chinese History"


China Daily Europe

January 21st, 2011

"Postcards from Beijing"


China Daily

The Central Axis of Beijing: a photo exhibition


Wall Street Journal

"City walk: Beijing" - June 24, 2010


China Daily (Video)

"Old Beijing once more" - April 15, 2010


Expat joins 'traditional' temple fair in Beijing - Feb 20, 2010


"Yesterday once more" - Nov 10, 2009


"Transformation Beijing: From an imperial past to symbols of modern China" - Nov 7, 2009


"Rare old images show a lost Old Beijing" - Sept 16, 2009


Time Out Beijing Magazine

Download article as pdf (105kb)

The 75 Best Shops in Beijing - Sept, 2010 - Page 18

Download article as pdf (246kb)


City Weekend Magazine

Download article as pdf (63kb)


Beijing Talk

Download article as pdf (106kb)


The Beijinger

"Women in Beijing: Talk by Beijing Postcards"


Bilingual (Eng/Chn):

EuropeChina: Economic & Trade Review

"The Chinese Complex of a Dane" / "一个丹麦人的中国情节" - August 2009

Download article as pdf (370kb)


In Chinese 中文:

Creativity 2011.11

Download article as pdf (120kb)


Beijing Evening News,"北京晚报 4月17号", April 17

Download article as pdf (242kb)


Creativity 创意世界, 2011.02

Download article as pdf (277kb)


Life Idea, "吴三桂", 21.2.2011, pp. 10

Download article as pdf (180kb)


Creativity 创意世界, December 2010, pp. 20

Download article as pdf (99kb)


Beijing Taxi Magazine, Nov. 2010, pp.8-9

北京漫步,2010。11月, 8-9

Download article as pdf (79kb)


中国青年报 2 24


Download article as pdf (635kb)


"丹麦 吴三桂 在北京"


"丹麦小伙北京南锣鼓巷开店 取中文名"吴三桂""











On Chinese Television 中国电视台报道:

北京电视台旅游频道 2010.8.20

Beijing Television Station, Travel Programme 2010.8.20

In Danish 丹麦文:

Danish Television DR1 (News)

Monday, January 2nd. 2012


Jyllands Posten

"Historiske postkort hitter i Kina" - November 29, 2011


Jyllands Posten

"100 års hovedstad i billeder" - Oktober 4, 2011

Download article as pdf (190kb)



"Smalt koncept fanger kineserne" - May 2009

Download article as pdf (189kb)