Forbidden City: From Dynasty to Republic

Forbidden City: From Dynasty to Republic

- the story of a little boy who lived his juvenile years as an emperor in a republic

On the 5th of November 1924 the lastemperor of China, Puyi was ousted from hisresidence in the Imperial palace - theForbidden City of Beijing.

General Feng Yuxiang sent in his soldiers to:remove “Mr. Puyi” and in the general’s ownwords “fulfill the revolution”. The youngemperor had lived most of his life inside thepalace, confined to an area smaller than 1square kilometer.

Alongside the emperor, hundreds of palaceservants were thrown out into the dustystreets of Beijing. Maidens, acrobats,eunuchs, guards and other palace personnel suddenly all had to make a living for themselves.Some were able to adapt while others ended their lives in misery.

Puyi’s departure marked the end of the strange 13 years where both Dynasty and Republic coexistedwithin the confines of the imperial compound.

The republican government and the Imperial court had till then both wished to keep the emperoraway from the public but for very different reasons. On one hand His very existence was apotential threat for the new republic and on the other he was the last chance of survival to the olddynasty.

The dismissal of the young bespectacled “boy” emperor was an event of truly epic proportions: themost important institution of Imperial China had now been dissolved.

4 hours walk-and-talk in the Forbidden City

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hours: 11:00 to 15:00

Start point: Tian’anmen West Subway Station, Exit B

Price: 350RMB per person incl. entrance ticket and refreshments (160RMB for child aged 16 or under)

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