Statement of Sun De Xing

Statement_of_Sun_DexingStatement of Sun De Xing


Question: State your name, age, origin, address and occupation


Answer: Sun De Xing, 19 years old, Origin: Daxing, address:  Outside Dongbianmen Shengou no.2, occupation: rickshaw puller


Question: Where do you usually put down your rickshaw and wait for customers. Who were the people that used your rickshaw on January 7? Please explain this in detail.


Answer: Pulling a rickshaw is my profession. I often place my rickshaw outside a compound at Chuanban Hutong. The seventh of this month at eight o’clock in the evening I had placed my rickshaw outside the Fusheng compound, when I saw an old car coming from the West with black and white plates. Three Italian soldiers got off the car together with a foreign girl. One of the soldiers payed the driver and they went into the brothel in Chuanban Hutong 28 together. At this point nobody in the party seemed drunk. The car went back West in the direction it came from. I decided to stay outside (Chuanban Hutong 28) and wait for customers. At around one o’clock in the morning, I was the only rickshaw waiting outside the door. Then the Italian soldiers came out again, at this point the party seemed to be drunk. The Italian soldiers waved me over. One Italian soldier sat up in the Rickshaw with the girl and the two other soldiers pushed from behind. We Went in East direction.


Question: Who followed the Italian soldiers out of the brothel and closed the door?


Answer: When the three Italian soldiers and the foreign girl came out I saw a fat Russian lady close the door behind them.


Question: Where did the Italian soldiers get off your rickshaw?


Answer: When the Italian soldiers came over, the shorter one of them sat up in the rickshaw,  and the two taller ones supported the foreign girl and placed her on top of the short Italian soldiers legs. The two tall soldiers pushed the rickshaw from behind and made me go in East direction. We passed the Huiwen School and went out of the South gate and continued in East direction. When we had crossed the stone bridge we stopped. The two taller Italian soldiers helped the girl down from the rickshaw. The short soldier got down from the rickshaw and threatened me with a knife. I was very scared and went back in West direction without getting any pay. On the way back I heard somebody gasp. I went along the city wall and finally back to Chuanban Hutong.


Question: What was the girl wearing when she arrived?


Answer: When the girl got of the car and went in to Chuanban Hutong 28. She was wearing a yellow short jacket. She did not wear the jacket when she came out only a shirt. Her face was covered with a piece of white cloth and it looked like she was drunk.


Question: After this incident at what date did you take a French soldier to the hospital?


Answer: After that day I took a French soldier to the hospital on Saturday (January 9) to see the dentist. When the soldier was inside the dentist I sat outside the gate and waited. At this time a person came out of the dentist and told me not to disclose what I knew.


I swear that my statement is true.