Police demands a dress code for prostitutes

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From the archives:

A small article about Bada Hutong from the republican era:

"The police banned prostitutes wearing outlandish clothes several times. In order to correct morals and manners, the Police Commissioner Xue Zhiheng issued a rule that all the prostitutes at Ba Da Hutong must wear white clothes." (Shangye Ribao, July 30, 1922)

The former entertainment district of Bada Hutong is placed right in the middle of Beijing, just South East of the Qianmen gate.

During the republican era, this area presented the authorities with a great dilemma. On one hand, the popular area with its brothels and Opium dens provided the city with a sizeable tax income, while on the other hand prostitution was considered decadent and immoral. Nevertheless the area, with its many hundred years history was not closed down until the Communist takeover in 1949.

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