Drum Tower changed its name

From the Archives (Xiaoxiao, September 2, 1925)

drum tower changed name

Translation of the article:

The Drum and Bell Tower outside the Di’anmen Gate are now under the management of the Beijing Government. They will from now on be known as the Capital Popular Education Center. The Mayor of Beijing, Xue Dubi, will also change the Drum Tower’s name to Aware of Humiliations Tower .He has written a plaque with its new name himself. His purpose is to tell people that they should never forget the humiliations our country suffered since the late Qing Dynasty. Yesterday the plaque was hung at the top of the tower.

This transformation was part of the warlord Feng Yuxiang's ambition to "fulfill the revolution". Beijing Postcards are still nose deep into this fascination part of Beijing history, and in October we will finally show our efforts when our new limited edition walk "From Dynasty to Republic" premieres. We will lead 6 tours (on October 17,19,25,26 and November 1,2) into the Forbidden City tracing the footsteps of China's last emperor. Send us an email if you want to sign up for the waiting list: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it