Air strike on Forbidden City

From the Archives (Shuntian Shibao, July 8, 1917)

airstrike on forbidden city

Translation of the article:

Yesterday morning, the Republic Army sent plane to bomb the Imperial Palace. We already published an extra edition as follows: this morning at 10:30, the Republic Army sent a plane to the Palace and dropped two bombs. One blasted outside the Gate of Heavenly Purity, killed a man and a dog. The other one blasted at the Zhongzheng Hall, we don't know the damage it caused yet. Now we've got more details. Actually three bombs were dropped. One blasted outside the Gate of Heavenly Purity, injured a palace guard and a sedan bearer, killed a dog. The second one blasted in the Imperial Garden and injured a eunuch. The third one landed in a water drum in front of the Hall of Mental Cultivation thus did not blast. The Emperor were frightened into disease. The Palace elderly concubines were so frightened by the incident that they were unable to consume any food till long after the explosion.


In 1917, the warlord Zhangxun restored the monarchy in China. But the monarchist coup only lasted 12 days, then the 12 year old emperor Puyi had to abdicate once again. An aerial attack on the Forbidden City, the first one ever recorded in Chinese history, helped persuade Zhangxun that his army would not stand a chance against the republican forces. We stumbled upon this article preparing our next Forbidden City walk "From Dynasty to Republic" that will premiere in October. Send us a mail if you want to sign up for the waiting list: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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